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What is particularly interesting is how Spinoza defends these democratic features, since this gives us insight into how democracies are to be defended in general. Despite its potential for harm, Spinoza thinks that religion can perform a positive social function. Man needs the state not only to save him from others but also from his own lower impulses and to enable him to live a life of reason, which alone is truly human. However, since Spinoza admits that beliefs can be influenced in myriad ways, even if not fully controlled, this argument amounts to a rather restricted defense of freedom of conscience.

The Advocate of the States of Holland, Johan Oldenbarnevelt, who staunchly defended the Remonstrants, was put to death. Of the Function of Supreme Authorities, V. State University of New York Press, pp. Shortly afterward he and his brother, Cornelis, were brutally killed by a zealous mob.

At issue in this debate is whether Spinoza was more of a collectivist or an individualist. Of course, a sovereign could delegate authority to religious functionaries, but Spinoza cautions against this, using the case of the Hebrews to illustrate the dangers of priestly authority. That is, the aim of the state is to make irrational, selfish men as rational and virtuous as possible. Since the aim of religion is obedience and good works, and the aim of philosophy is truth, religion and philosophy ought not to be seen as rivals.

Machiavelli, The Prince I. Ultimately, a model monarchy will be a constitutional monarchy that will strongly resemble a democracy.

Spinoza discusses two types of aristocracy and the best forms of each. Monarchy may degenerate into Tyranny unless it is subjected to various constitutional checks which will prevent any attempt at autocracy. But that is due mainly to his determined opposition to every kind of ecclesiastical control over it.

Here I want to mention the impact of Dutch Hobbesians on Spinoza. Religion also seems to play a crucial role in promoting compliance with the law.

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Tractatus Theologico-PoliticusTractatus Politicus

When groups like the Pharisees begin to regard themselves as special, disparaging and persecuting other groups, civil order is disrupted. Next, the argument shifts from considering what the sovereign can do to what it would be practical or prudent for a sovereign to do. University of Minnesota Press.

The sovereign retains full discretion to determine which actions are acceptable and what forms of speech are seditious. The doctrine had its critics see e. In Koerbagh published two treatises that provoked the wrath of the Calvinist clergy.

It is perfectly consistent to recognize the discrete individuality of humans while allowing that, under certain conditions of association, individuals can simultaneously be members of larger units. The work can be divided into three sections. In the treatise, Spinoza put forth his most systematic critique of Judaism, and all organized religion in general. According to this view, humans act contrary to nature when they act contrary to the prescriptions of right reason. Academic Tools How to cite this entry.

Spinoza s Political Philosophy

Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677)

This looks at first like a loss of freedom on the part of the individuals, and the establishment of an absolute power over them. In his view, the Jews had been preserved due to a combination of Gentile hatred and Jewish separatism. Since right is coextensive with power, lacking the power to control beliefs entails lacking the right to do so. The decisive turn that precipitated the decline of the first Hebrew state came with the ascendance of a priestly order.

Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677)

Van den Enden was an ex-Jesuit and radical egalitarian with revolutionary tendencies. These are all positions that Spinoza consistently endorsed. Spinoza also offered a sociological explanation as to how the Jewish people had managed to survive for so long, despite facing relentless persecution. The obvious, yet important, implication of the single authority thesis is that clerics are at best spiritual advisors with no real claim to political power. It was written in New Latin rather than the vernacular Dutch in an attempt to avoid censorship by the secular Dutch authorities.

Theologico-Political Treatise. This is because the King is likely to look after his advantage alone, neglecting the general welfare, which will ultimately result in the weakening of the civitas. The concern of the state is to bring it about that the actual relationships between people most closely approximate the ideal society of free men. Spinoza argued that theology and philosophy must be kept separate, norton commando parts list pdf particularly in the reading of scripture. Cambridge University Press.

Tractatus Theologico-Politicus. The second half of the century witnessed its own major theologico-political dispute in the United Provinces.

The social contract seems to confer nearly boundless authority on the sovereign. The problem with this objection is that there is no reason to suppose that all individuals are characterized by complete integration of parts. As indicated above, throughout the seventeenth century the United Provinces were torn apart by disputes concerning, among other things, the political authority of the church.

Spinoza s Political Philosophy (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

University of Chicago Press. But given his naturalism and repudiation of rights and obligations as traditionally understood, one might be left wondering how or whether Spinoza could offer a normative political theory at all.