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Braswell does a great job of building the characters and creating the atmosphere. She plans to lead the Mai between college classes.

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The Nine Lives of Chloe King by Liz Braswell is a thrilling novel that has edge and mystery but also is very relatable. The Nine Lives of Chloe King My friends and I always used to joke around about what it would be like to be part cat part girl. At the beginning of the book they introduced Chloe as a no I picked up The Nine Lives of Chloe King because of all the new television series. Luckily for Chloe, linde t16 pdf she still has eight lives to go. Brian finds Chloe dying and kisses her.

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Through the entire first book, she held my attention. You treat random friends like family and family like strangers.

Third problem, the writing just isn't that great. Then in came the two boyfriends who are polar opposites but are totally swoon-worthy. However surprise, surprise it was completely deferent.

Chloe offers truce to the Tenth Blade. While at the vast tower, Chloe looked over the edge.

The show was the only reason I picked up the book and why I attempted to soldier through it. Now let's be honest here, while the Mai plot seemed important when convinient, the series as a whole was, of course, about the love triangle.

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The Nine Lives of Chloe King by Celia Thomson

She was still pretty whiny but she Okay so I really had a hard time rating this book because it is an omnibus and I had different feelings for each of the individual stories. Most of the first book was just an introduction into a normal teenagers life as she throws away friends and lusts after two guys at once. Suddenly guys are prowling around her, she's growing claws, and someone's trying to kill her.

Loved the idea of the character and even his purpose here, but there was no depth there at all, nor was their growth and that bothered the hell out of me. It started out okay, not really as good as I expected but introductions are hard so I continued reading because I hope for more. The depth of his feelings for her can't possibly be compared to Alyec's. If you've got an e-reader I'd suggest buying the digital copy even if it is more expensive.

Not gonna point out any similarities, but if you read HoN and this book, you may find some. Okay, so first of all a brief summary. Open Preview See a Problem? To begin with, Chloe seems rather selfcentered and egotistical. When she discovered her new powers, I was amazed.

Ariel is now the voiceless queen of Atlantica, while Ursula runs Prince Eric's kingdom on land. King being our only address was a disconnect for me. But for all my looking, I saw no glimpse of more books to come. The three books together make for a book so large that it takes two hands to hold and isn't going to work in the bathtub.

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The second book was amazing. Most book series end quick, shutting all the characters out and ending the plot line like a drop off a cliff. There is so much that happens through the three books, All I can say is that they are such a fun, easy read.

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Chloe is self absorbed and fairly unlikeable. The book opened a world of smiles and it made me so happy to be a part of it. In a way I can't decide if it was the fact that I still had questions, or if I was so attached to the characters that I didn't want the trilogy to end. And someone is out to get her.

It was all over the place. Chloe then starts to develop. Okay so I really had a hard time rating this book because it is an omnibus and I had different feelings for each of the individual stories.

The Nine Lives of Chloe King by Celia Thomson

When she accidentaly falls from the top of the tower, an apparently lethal fall, she appears to be unscathed. And if after that, and your fetish is not cured, like me don't worry. That's awkward and weird and we don't want to read about that, unless it's a historical romance, or arranged marriage, because they can write that into the plot. It made sense and I was romantically satisfied. But it ended, with a cliffhanger, with the apparent death of a main character.

My personal Pandora's box, is cliffhangers. Thankfully she gets better later on.