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Home Document Management Software Smallpdf. Transform excel to pdf and vice versa. Also opening the software can take a longer time than with other ones. Helpful addition to my workflow. This is the same for other functions.

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It's a perfect platform for me to easily adjust pdf documents and share with clients. Overall, my experience with Smallpdf is completely positive. It gives very clear user experience and anyone can do their document converting tasks using this website or chrome extension.

All the process is easy and once the file is available I save again in my Drive or Dropbox to share or save for my own. Several times throughout the week, I need to combine and customize documents for clients and this software allows me to do this in a very efficient manner. In each case, the results were impressive. Documents can be uploaded from your pc, but also Dropbox and Google Drive. We use the free version but the price of the pro version is relatively small and worth considering.

Why I started using smallpdf a lot. It was the fastest and the most capable to squeeze my documents to a really small size.

My company publish a monthly catalog which is usually two or three heavy files, where I need to not just join these files but also heavily compress them and Smallpdf does it perfecly. We can only assume the developer plans to introduce these features in future updates. Since you have to work online it can make our work connection really slow. The founders developed the idea for the project after experiencing difficulty sending and receiving important documents while traveling abroad. It is really fast, something that is usually a problem with pdf readers, it can be used to edit pdfs in many useful ways, it is truly amazing.

Invaluable tool for your document sharing needs. Among the online tools that I discovered, the one offered by smallpdf turned out to be the most efficient. You can create a pdf from images or a text file, you can pass a pdf to images, you can join files, compress and a long list of things you can do with one of the best tools that exist. Everything, converting, combining, splitting.

Few minutes left before the deadline of homework? The company also generated revenue through third party software sales.

Smallpdf 1.24.0

The pdf solution you've been missing plus its web-based and freemium. There are so many functions. Nevertheless, Smallpdf is a relatively fresh software product so there's plenty of time for improvements. They also offer a desktop solution that is completely offline, being a lot cheaper than other tools in the market.

This is very much helpful to convert any type of document in to pdf within seconds. In general, I used smallpdf when I had to create pdf files from scanned images or files, since it was the only easiest and fastest way to do this process. But if I eventually find that I need to use it more, I would totally upgrade. By compressing the pdf's through smallpdf, they are smaller and faster to send.

Now, there are other easy-to-use apps to get these jobs done. Please discuss further on the talk page. It has a free version and it is really easy to use. There help section answered any questions that I've had so far. This is a great help when storage space is limited in some of the apps we use.

The best application to convert files to pdf online. No one in my office knows how to change file types - they ask me to do it, I go to Small pdf and in minutes it is done. The best application to convert files to pdf format. It's easy to use and can pretty much do anything you want when it comes to document manipulation.

It is especially useful when you get an online pdf form that you are expected to print-fill in by hand-scan-send - nope, no one has time for that. Small pdf is a really complete tool, you can use it to mix pdfs and create large documents from smaller ones. It is a great, simple and helpful tool. You are able to edit pdf files for free without the paid version, which makes quickly file editing great. The best thing about smallpdf is that the interface is neat and tidy.

It is easy to use and its functionality allows you to convert files that I do not consider to be disadvantageous with this application. SmalPdf is my secret weapon. Not Likely Extremely Likely. If the files are too heavy sometimes does not allow to convert them is what I like least and should inform the maximum weight that supports.

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You can only download a few conversions in an hours time on the free plan, but it's fair. If you don't have a budget for the tool, it may be frustrating to use especially if you need to convert more than the two free documents at a time. Discover perfect gateway to productive, portable and cost-efficient document management solutions in your everyday life.

It uses a simple drag and drop interface and then can be downloaded for distribution. Convert and edit my pdf files in a very easy way and very fast. That I can upload a document and click convert and before I know it I have a pdf document staring at me. This software is incredibly versatile and helpful, I lost count of how many times I've used it and how many times I've suggested it to my coworkers.

These apps have recently substituted smallpdf because they are more accessible from my phone and tablet. Compressing large files can take a long time and consume a lot of Internet bandwidth. Their chrome extensions is fantastic too! Ever since i started using small pdf i don't think so i have ever used any other site for any pdf related needs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Several aspects have to be mentioned here. The only issue I might have with smallpdf but that I really understand is the fact that when working with large files the conversion process can take a long time. While it is possible to do two operations each hour for free, I can't justify paying a monthly fee when I may only need to convert no more than ten files weekly.

When editing files, you have to create a text box to write anything. Is excellent for reduce the size of documents, images or different files and does not require emails to achieve download the converted file is a great advantage. You can choose to use the free version or pay the latter is integrated with dropbox, has no limit on file size, among other extras. It is very reasonably priced and if you're a casual user, the free plan will let you do pretty much anything.

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There should be a downloadable application. On the other hand, it doesn't have a batch processing mode. What a great tool for pdf users. Overall, I used to be a regular user of smallpdf. Those are but a few options available.

In this app I can upload files to apply changes directly from my Google Drive and Dropbox, which is very helpful for my because I do not have to occupy storage in my computer, iso 8383 pdf tablet or smartphone. Integration with google drive and Dropbox makes it easier to find your cloud documents. Smallpdf Features Document Management Features. View full list of Document Management Software.

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