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This guide provides technical guidance intended to help network administrators and security officers improve the security of their networks. Ensure that all security steps and procedures chosen from this guide are thoroughly tested and reviewed prior to imposing them on an operational network.

Care must be taken when implementing the security steps specified in this guide. Number of lines before the first line containing the matching pattern to display.

Often, firewalls are employed in conjunction with filtering routers the overall perimeter security of an enclave benefits when the configurations of the firewall and router are complementary. After security has been implemented on the routers itself, a section within this guide gives guidance to administrators on how to test and validate the security measures.

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At the web site of Cisco's publishing arm, you can order a wide variety of books about Cisco routers and related networking technologies. For this audience, this guide provides security goals and guidance, convert svg to pdf command line along with specific examples of configuring Cisco routers to meet those goals.

Government operational networks. The administrator name is of the form admin-name ctx-name. Setting this variable will cause any tasks that require enable mode to fail. The descriptions and examples in those sections were written with the assumption that the reader is familiar with basic Cisco router operations and command syntax.

The term SmartEdge chassis refers to any version of the SmartEdge chassis. Most network administrators are responsible for managing the connections within their networks, and between their network and various other networks. This keyword is convenient when using exclude and grep keywords.

Network security officers are usually responsible for selecting and deploying the assurance measures applied to their networks. Software Image Synchronization release notes. Do not attempt to implement any of the settings in this guide without first testing in a non-operational environment.

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No confkguration of this document may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the copyright owner. This document is only a guide containing recommended security settings.

Router configuration guide pdf

Enter the show command in any mode. The following output is that dedback the show circuit count command without the join-lines keyword. You are viewing this page in an unauthorized frame window. Software Center release notes.

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You can specify a level up to the level rrouter for your account. Configuration Deployment to Startup with reboot. Security configuration guides are provided for the Department of Defense and other government agencies requiring security configuration guidelines. The security configuration guide has been extensively tested in a lab and operational environment.

Do not attempt to implement any of the settings in this guide without first testing them in a non-operational environment. To change the settings, see Performing Basic System Tasks. See the Command List or the specific document for the mode you plan to access.

The guides contain recommended security settings. Enter global configuration mode. Firewall administrators are another intended audience for this guide. The guides do not address site-specific configuration issues.


This guide gives an in-depth view on securing Cisco-based routers. ProCurve Secure Router dl. For example, you can specify the line number at which the output is to begin, output only lines containing certain patterns, and apply filtering criteria that pass only those lines you want to see. Configuration and Operations Tasks.

Modifying Output of show Commands. Driver Discovery release notes.

Router configuration guide pdf