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Find your next great read. Open Preview See a Problem? Celebrating the Carnegie and Greenaway Winners. Still one of the best he wrote. Philip overhears much discussion about the complex political and military situation.

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Things get even worse when him and his friend are both taken as servants and are put in different house in the city. Then the great Saracen general Saladin attacks Outremer and besieges Tiberias, and the chivalry of Outremer muster to their final battle at Hattin.

Knight Crusader (Carey Family 1) by Ronald WelchRonald Welch

They make a truce with the muslims, the muslims can still have Jerusalem, but Christians can still live three and visit. So refreshing to read a book in which so far there are absolutely no female characters - no mothers, sisters, maidservants - just the thing for adolescent boys. If you enjoy this book, you might enjoy watching the movie Kingdom of Heaven. Philip's life is necessarily violent, and the story does not shirk from presenting this violence.

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Other books in the series. Philip is one of the strongest fighters and is recognised worldwide for it. Although he lives in Israel, he is a Christian and Jerusalem the capital is owned by the muslims, meaning he must keep a good distance from the city. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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See all Product description. Debilitated by the desert conditions before the battle even begins, the Christian army suffers a devastating defeat at Hattin. Most of the weakly-held fortresses of Outremer fall to Saladin and Jerusalem is taken by the Muslim armies.

It is where Philip is from, being the son of a great knight Sir Hugo. After four years of captivity, Philip escapes with his fellow knight Gilbert. Philip as a year-old becomes a knight himself after proving himself in a duel.

Customers who bought this item also bought. Throughout the novel, he matures and develops as he experiences defeats and setbacks as well as triumphs, including the battles of Hattin and Arsuf. They are captured again, this time by the cult of the Assassins. The details are pretty accurate and the overall history is too.

These events are shown through the experiences of Philip d'Aubigny. He does tend to glorify it a bit too much, though his portrayal of its murderous futility is also present. However the castle has been taken over, and Philip must stop them. Finally Philip and Gilbert make their way to to a castle held by the Hospitalers. The book takes place at the time of the Third Crusade and features figures such as Richard the Lionheart.

The author doesn't offer much perspective or dramatic distance on the character, in this. Saladin invades Outremer and besieges Tiberias. Where can I get a whole new set of Carey family series novels? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. And the descriptions of old England!

It still impresses me, pdf xfa forms though Ronald Welch's ambivalent relationship to War may not appeal to all. The Sun of York was written by Ronald Welch when he had had sixteen more years experience of writng. It is the only Welch book on Kindle - please produce more.

One of my top three must read books. Establishes all that come to expect in this series. But after a disastrous campaign, Philip is taken prisoner by the Turks and must work as a servant- though all the while he is plotting his escape. Knight Crusader Cover of first edition.

Knight Crusader

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The books are being reprinted. Captures the exotic nature of Jerusalem, and how it must have appeared to Crusaders from the West, and like the transposition to Wales. The s era writing shows, but I really enjoyed it all the same. An adult wanting to catch up on British history would do well to read these novels.

The only reservation is the casual treatment of cold blooded killing - finishing opponents rather than showing any mercy. This edition features the original black and white illustrations throughout which perfectly evoke the atmosphere of the story. There are villains and adventures a plenty before the first Carey settles in Wales and it really is a cracking good read.

Kind of like Henty, but from a later period. The crusaders during the time of Saladin is a fantastic setting for this very exciting story. They join the army of Richard the Lionheart who is trying to restore the Christian kingdom.

War is coming though, and him and the other Christians must build a Crusader army on the city. Historical fiction based on the events leading up to the third crusade.

He fights bravely at the disastrous battle of Hattin, which saw the destruction of the Christian army. His chance comes when he rides into battle to defend his home from attack by Saracen leader, Saladin and his army. Finally Philip goes to his ancestral home in England to try to start a new life as a baron.

In the final chapters of the novel, Philip and his company of Crusaders arrive in Britain, where he takes part in a jousting tournament at Cardiff Castle. However, the Emir Saladin is uniting the Islamic forces against the Crusader states.

He comes from a pretty high up family and has a rare amount of money. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. The dated portrait of Richard the Lionheart does not diminish it's readability even now. Only when he arrives, he finds he must once again go into battle.

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