Research Paper On Recruitment Process Pdf

Selection is the process of picking individuals who have relevant qualifications to fill jobs in an organization. So there is a time to screen out undesirables and to choose the better and perfect candidate that can effectively contribute to company success. Employee referral is the situation where the existing employee of an organization recommends an external candidate for employment in the organization.

Company should focus on long term consistent performance rather then short term. Host community influence also includes government regulations, at times government usually came up with statutory laws to regulate recruitment of employees in both private and public enterprise. It shows that employees that were employed through a recommendation of an employee in the organization are more committed on the job. Selection is much more than just choosing the best candidate. New employee orientation Programs.

The information collected needs to be analyzed so that we can interpret the information and provides the justification for the work we have done during our research. Company always takes in consideration the cost-benefit ratio. The process of recruiting and selecting all categories of employees has been a matter of concern to many organizations and needs attention.

In some situations, they do not even submit application for consideration before the issuance of letter of employment. It is the activity that links the employees and the job seekers. Once the needs are identified, the process of recruitment or acquisition function starts.

It is also important to note that using recruitment agency enable the management to concentrate on responsibilities maximize efficiency. Ineffective recruitment prevents any chance for effective candidate selection because when recruitment falls short, selection must proceed with a pool of poorly qualified candidates. The agency will usually take. Recruitment and selection are the two phases of the employment process but there is a difference between them. At first, our own performance depends in part of our own subordinates.

Areas discussed include the validity of various Recruitment and selection measures e. The use of Employment agency and employee productivities. Remember me on this computer. We have many of such law both at State and Federal level of government of the host nation. To increases the pool of job seeking candidates at minimum cost.

Research paper on recruitment process pdf


Research paper on recruitment process pdfResearch paper on recruitment process pdfResearch paper on recruitment process pdf


The recent retrenchment of workers across many manufacturing industries and the death of many newly introduced products in Nigeria are the evidence of poor performance. According to Raphael planning for future job and employee needs as well as the way the organization performs within its various functions is an essential aspect.

The finding is contrary to the theory of corporate social responsibility which states that recruitment of employees from the host community ensures efficiency. It is also defined as the process of finding and attracting capable applicants for employment. Decisions made in the recruitment and selection process or stage will impact on the company in the future.

Exploratory type of research is used because the sources of information are relatively few and the purpose is merely to find and to understand the possible actions. The effectiveness of any research work depends upon the correctness and effectiveness of the research methodology.

So the negligent hiring highlights the need to think through what the job human requirements are. In totality, employees formed the sample of the study. The data has been presented in the form of graphs, bar charts, pie charts etc. Casio stated that recruitment and selection starts with a clear statement of objectives of the firm based on the types of knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics.

This dual objective will minimize the cost of processing unqualified candidates. More so, the lower level staff of all enterprises within the State must all be indigene of Rivers State.

The purpose of this study will be to assess the effectiveness of the recruitment and selection practices and procedures of the Southeast Bank Limited. It also allows firms to select workers that better suit for particular jobs in the organization. The data was collected through well structured questionnaires. It helps to increase the success rate of selection process by decreasing the no of visits qualified or over qualified job applicants. The board objective of this study is to analyze the recruitment and selection process of Southeast Bank Limited.

Union tends to exercise such power over and above the recruitment processes of organizations. Cloete stated that recruitment is all about making sure the qualified people are available to meet the job needs of the government.

Research paper on recruitment process pdf

Helps in identifying and preparing potential job applicants who will be the appropriate candidature for the job. The emphasis towards training and enhancing skills of recruiters needs to be more and also consistent. The above problem motivated the researcher to examine the impact of recruitment and selection strategy on the employee performance in the real sector.

The research instrument used for this study is primary in nature. With reference to this context, the research paper entitled Recruitment and Selection has been prepared to put a light on Recruitment and Selection process. Abdul Kader Jilani, Lecturer of Business Administration Department, City University, electronica basica bernard grob pdf for providing me valuable guidance and suggestion in preparing research paper.

The success of organizations in this modern business environment depends on the caliber of the manpower that steers the day to day affairs of the organizations. Data analysis is a body of methods that help to describe facts, detect patterns, develop explanations and test hypothesis. Research methodology The purpose of this section is to describe the methodology carried out to complete the work. Organizations nowadays are more concentrating on acquiring appropriate human capital because the employees are the most valued and most precious assets of an organization.

The increase in the rate of business failure, closure and employees poor performance in terms of productivity in Nigeria is alarming. So in order to avoid the concept of negligent hiring, it is necessary to make a systematic effort in order to gain relevant information about the applicant and verify all the documentation.

It should also provide information so that unqualified applicants can self-select themselves out of job candidacy. Employee performance is vital to all business enterprises in both developed and developing economies. It is the pool of applicants from which the new employees are selected.

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