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Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating. Try Natural Read also free with adverts on an iPhone and you'll see how bad this app is. One feature that would be welcome is a search function during editing. The downside with this App is that it is an iPhone only app and its features are more focused on online than offline functions.

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Now works okay, but what a waste of time! It can also run in the background for convenience. However, it does converts text in segments and during the transition between segments the words tend to get either mumbled or skipped.

You know, make it sound more human instead of machine-like. Cons Not many features, but enough for my work. For the purpose of this guide, I will be downloading the free version which is good enough. Fast, easy to use, excellent set of tools, and free. This time, you will see new options.

Part 1 What is PDF Audio Reader


There is a pronunciation editor that you can use to change the way a word sounds. If not, right-click and choose Open With option. The reason it made into the list is because of the free language options it comes with. There is an online version that you can use to have it read entire web pages.

This matters because if I receive a long email, I can use it to listen to the whole thing instead of reading it. This is a minor detail though.

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Now, when you click on the icon again while you are on a page, it will begin translating text to voice and you will see the following screen instead. While it gets the job done, the trouble is, I have to click on paragraphs once the machine is done reading it to me. Gaurav Bidasaria Gaurav is a tech enthusiast who loves talking about new technologies and gadgets. This gives you more control over the way Read Aloud looks, feels, and functions. Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site.

Seizure warnings Photosensitive seizure warning. The settings will allow you to control volume, speed, pitch rate, fonts, and color scheme with the ability to create custom colors. Flaming or offending other users. Developed by Sirius Five Inc. It will also allow you to do batch conversions.

The Natural Reader is a download Text to Speech software available in both Windows and Mac versions and also offers a paid version with additional features. As has always happened in Windows from the very beginning.

Allows an application to read from external storage. When you click on the icon, you will see something like in the above screenshot.

All in all, Toau exceeds expectations for a software its size. Added support to rename local documents. TextSpeech Pro is not software. Its primary purpose is to convert text into audio. Mouse scroll support is perfect.

Voice Dream also has a sleep timer you can use to have the app read you a bedtime story. Support Voice Reading in Different languages. As far as voice support is concerned, the language construction kit pdf there are more than a dozen voices to choose from which brings it in level with Natural Reader. Natural Reader takes things to the next level.

The downside of CereProc is that it is not appropriate as a serious business software. It is capable of multitasking, by listening and translating a text document while you perform another task on your phone or tablet. ReadAloud is an acceptable program for the most part, but there are mispronunciations a lot. Uncheck unnecessary addons accordingly.

7 Best PDF Voice Reader for Windows

Others simply like to relax and listen to the audio conversion of an e-book or long article instead of actually reading the text. Sometimes, we are too tired to read and would rather listen with our eyes closed. Good for people who are constantly traveling or find themselves using different computers. Available on Mobile device.

Despite being light it is still packed full of features and still boasts the same clean and easy to use interface. Some of its notable features include bookmarking for long documents and note taking capabilities. However, easy integration with other programs makes this a minor inconvenience, easily worked around. Other noteworthy features include its ability to remember where your last session ended when reading long materials like e-books and making a playlist to queue short reading materials like articles. This is really good for reading blogs and news stories.

For what can a Voice Aloud Reader Windows be useful

The downside of this software is that it can be a bit expensive, but you can add additional voices. If you can afford a paid software and want good support, or maybe need a commercial version and need additional features, Natural Reader will serve you well. Cons Saves previously opened files and usually opens the last file viewed rather than what is currently wanted. Press and hold the document name to access the context menu. Inconsistent reading of same words, reading punctuation, ignoring letters e.

Natural Reader is powerful and offers a lot of features but not free. Deskbot is another Windows-based application.

For what can a Voice Aloud Reader Windows be useful

Pronunciation editor for correcting the pronunciation of certain words. No, this was not developed by Microsoft as the software that I shared above. Finally downloaded Desktop version, but it automatically gave me bit. The only downside is the cost.