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Meiko EcoStar 545 D-M Operating Instructions Manual

Meiko EcoStar 545D-M Manuals & User Guides

We reserve the right to change execution and construction! Dishwashing has never been easier. Load sheet pans, trays, etc. Operating instructions Dishwashing machine.

MEIKO M-iClean H and UPster H commercial kitchen dishwashers

What can we do for you today? Insert suction sieve and tank covering sieve. Operating Conditions The wiring diagram is behind the front panel, resp.

We all love the machine because it makes our work quicker and it's easier to use. This information can be found on the plate. We have a large network of partners who will be happy to help you with whatever questions you may have.

Meiko FV 130.2 Owner s Installation Operation And Maintenance Manual

Meiko FV 130.2 Owner s Installation Operation And Maintenance Manual

This is the case whether you're in Berlin, Vienna or Singapore. Are you looking for a local dealer?

Also check that the water supply is turned on.

We do not let rush hour, adverse weather conditions, short timelines or lofty heights stop us to get your machine back up and running. With proper care, your warewasher should provide years of trouble-free operation. Units equipped with optional liquid internal detergent and rinse aid pumps have two tubes exiting the machine at the lower rear. What do a wine glass, a baker's transportation crate, a plate for catering on an Airbus, a bedpan and a breathing apparatus for a fireman have in common? The enclosed wiring diagram must remain in the appliance.

Operating instructions

Selecteer uw land en bevestig. Damaged appliances must not be commissioned.

Commercial dishwashing machines

Meiko will file a freight claim based on this information. Operation Meiko recommends that the doors of onto the lower door section, tipos de falacias pdf and unload the the machine be left open overnight to allow it ware. Meiko reserves the right to change any specifications without notice at any time.

Meiko EcoStar 545 D-M Operating Instructions Manual

Professional warewashers, bedpan cleaning and disinfection. Introduction And General Information Dear Customer, We are delighted about the confidence you have shown in our products. Tighten any loose connections! Fresh Water Supply Connection with a reducing valve.

Cleaning Use only products which do not attack the material, build up a film or cause discoloration. Check the type of drain that will be used. Check the incoming water temperature. Maintenance Hose lines and dosing units must always be rinsed out with warm water.

Dishwashing is the most important part of the kitchen. It is intended solely for use in commercial i. If necessary, replace or refill the dispensers. Switch on the appliance by pressing one of the program pre-selection keys or press down the hood rod.