Mary K Baxter Divine Revelation Of Hell Pdf

Be an eyewitness to the various punishments of lost souls and hear their shocking stories. It appears that Muhammad and Mary have a few things in common. There is hope though, at the end of this book she is taken up to heaven and shown just some of the splendor that awaits us if we are faithful.

In one part of the book, which I found intriguing, God leaves Mary alone in Hell to feel how the lost souls struggle and to show that Hell exists. God surely is using Mary as a soul winner for Jesus Christ. That puts Mommy Mary Baxter right alongside Smith Wigglesworth and many many other charismatic healers and ridiculous story tellers and fruity visions holders. Baxter, mechanical measurements and instrumentation by r.k.rajput pdf your magnum opus is terrible.

Nice attempt at capitalizing on something that was done a few hundred years before your great-grandfather was a tadpole, but your prose ain't poetic, and your writing sure ain't epic, bitch. The story was very hard to read, but it captured me because of her unique ability to paint a picture with words. Degrees of punishment are given based on your sin. Call it a hunch but I'm wondering if the author has some church-installed guilt regarding her naughty bits. The room and the table reminded me of a hospital emergency room.

A Divine Revelation of Hell by Mary K. Baxter

Mary k baxter divine revelation of hell pdf

This book spoke deeply to me and I urge any Christian or non believer to pick it up with an open mind and to let the Lord do the rest. Throw this in the lake of fire. In the Bible, we have an amazing book filled with writings by Moses and the Prophets.

Perhaps you've heard of it. Wouldn't it be fun if this book was all true? When you go to hell you'll believe every word, but then it'll be too late.

Divine Revelation Of Hell - eBook

Her graphic details are so real you know this is not where you want to be for eternity. It scared religion on to me as a troubled youth. Whoever doubts this book, doubts The Mighty God. Mary details of hell make you want to live right. Given that her visions occurred over many nights, it's hard to say that it was just a bad dream like in the case of Bill Weise and his dream-length visit to Hell.

But either way I was quickly relieved to find many flaws in it theologically. Yes, I really recommend this book for not only Christians who are weak in their faith, but also for non-believers because I hope it shall implant some sense into them. Throughout this journey she sees and experiences most of the horrors that happen in hell. Well this woman shares what she says are visions Jesus gave her of both hell and heaven.

Baxter repeatedly stresses the authenticity of her experience throughout the pages, and as she is an ordained Minister, I doubt she would lie about something as serious as this. Divine Revelation Of Hell - eBook. We are only left with scripture as a guide and the warnings in Revelation which warns us not to add to the biblical text to hold next to this manuscript. Gina Levert You would do better reading Revelations from the Bible. The attitudes of the souls in hell fascinated me the most because they didn't believe they should be there.

This book shook me to the very core of my being. Have questions about eBooks? Did I mention that the writing is repetitive? In your face reality of what you face if you are not obedient in God's will.

The man was given an anesthesia and wheeled beneath a vast machine. And he seemed like such a nice guy.

So, basically, after taking her to hell, Jesus shows her heaven, and then an up-closer look at angels and demons. The biblical Jesus preached compassion and forgiveness, but this Jesus just goes around chastising people who are already dead and in hell.

Mary k baxter divine revelation of hell pdf

A Divine Revelation of Hell

Or at least nearer than it was yesterday. If they are seeing false visions, that is also quite problematic. It's a tricky thing when people claim to have these visions.

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And what are some of the wicked and awful sins for which these people are justifiably damned for all eternity? Or maybe God screwed up and realized in that he should write a better book - maybe scarier this time.

Who but the author can really speak to its accuracy and veracity? The only true hell found within this book, is the process of reading it. And may God have mercy on your greedy black soul. Please enter your name, your email and your question regarding the product in the fields below, and we'll answer you in the next hours. If it is not true, if it is a lie about what God says, then it has no business existing.