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It helps open the door to understand the book of Revelation and the end times. Remarkably complete for the scholar. It does a good explaination of the books and what is going to happen. The information is presented in a clear and understand manner. If you do not understand that, then read this book.

Wait, did I just contradict myself? In the first four pages LaHaye essentially undermines all pastors by planting seeds of doubt in the readers regarding their pastor's seminary training. LaHaye was an American evangelical Christian minister, author, and speaker, best known for the Left Behind series of apocalyptic fiction, which he co-wrote with Jerry B. While the author claims to be a literalist taking the text at face value, he does nothing of the sort, and if you read it honestly you will quickly see that.

Unfortunately, a number of readers will not read this book critically and will give the author a free pass on his statements. This book does nothing of the sort and I am throwing it away, I would feel horrible if somebody else wastes their time with it because I chose not to trash it. Schaubilder und Kernpunkte werden sehr oft wiederholt, ohne an Substanz zu gewinnen. For those who give this book a high rating, read something else outside of the pre-trib premil camp.

Are We Living in the End Times

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Of course this opens the door for him to cram pages of garbage into your brain and your pastor who is likely more adept in the scripture than Mr.

Gotta take him with a margarita bucket of salt in some areas. Open Preview See a Problem? Really tells how things in this time come together with prophesies from the bible. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Again if you read critically you will see that he uses every trick of propaganda available.

Neither author understand history. Straight Christian propaganda. This book is filled with imaginative ideas regarding historical events and how they relate to prophecy.

And, hopefully, it will make you consider your relationship with the lord. This period, known as the tribulation, will be a seven year series of climate, economic and physical trials that will befall the unrepentant. Ich hoffte auf eine kritische Auseinandersetzung mit biblischen Inhalten. Since this was published a few years back, it's fascinating to see some things he was only speculating about already happening. Jenkins, I learn something new.

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Are We Living in the End Times by Tim LaHaye

Are We Living in the End Times? We believe, however, becoming a person of influence by john c. maxwell pdf that Christians living today have more reason than those of any generation before us to believe that Christ could come in our lifetime. This is well written and shows us things about our times that show how they conincide with prophecy and how it is presented in the Left Behind series. It brings to light how the end of times could really come at any time.

Living in the End Times

No editor who reviewed it has any concept of academic research. It was very interesting and informative. Lots to think about, talk to God about and lots of scripture to study on my own.

Living in the End Times by Slavoj i ek

User-friendly for the layperson. Not speaking for or against Glenn here, but let me say there are much better places to go for theology than to him. His treatment of Ezekiel is probably the most horrific. LaHaye is conveniently taken out of the equation. Some pages I had to read twice to try and understand it all.

If you're a Christian, I recommend it. Something that I'll quote from the book that really means something. What I thought to be some solid information that mostly lines up with other books I have read on this topic. Taking a seminary course Island Bible Institute and this is one of the course books.

Otherwise, don't waste your time, unless you're curious about cults and what not like I am. This a sample book I got from Amazon. Sure gives you a lot to think about.

Although, this book doesn't contain as many contradictions and inconsistencies as the Bible. No other religion in the world has such confirming evidence to inspire its faith. Even though this book was written many years ago it is like what is going on in the world today. Matched up with what the Bible foretells. Highly recommend for every reader.

And points to technology advances we are seeing today as moving right along in the same direction that will lead to several of these prophecies being fulfilled. My library is full of books I disagree with but have great respect for. But it was interesting to see where their ideas come from and their Biblical basis for the ideas. This book is pure sensationalism.