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Thank you Dan for you wonderful study guides. After reading the guide once through for a primer I just started taking the practice tests over and over until I got things down. Your study guide is understandable. Let me know if that works for you or not. Your study guides were invaluable for getting my license.

Thank you for the Study Guides. You could even start a wikibook for the extra class guide, start an outline and just work on it bit by bit as you get a chance and let others fill in as well. That is a big win for your writing style since she is not technically inclined unless the material is present in certain ways.

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My question is are you going to update the general class guide when the question pool changes, or will it stay the same? Now for a question, when are you going to have an Extra Study Guide? It would have been so much easier to learn from the way you grouped everything together so that one could see it all at once rather than jumping back and forth and all over the place. You could get those, then purchase one of the Extra Class study guides not necessarily mine. The document has Sticking power!

Ham Radio License Manual

Dan, Your study guides seem to have garnered much praise. Thank you for providing an exceptionally good resource. When during this year will you be updating your guides? Got my upgrade this summer using it. For the first time we had an Extra class course.

Ham Radio License Manual

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In his hand, he had a copy of his Tech license exam study guide. Thank you, sincerely, Scott Johnson. Thank you very much for the free study guides. What kind of class are you going to teach, a one-day class or a more traditional multi-session class? It sounds like you have plenty of time, so you could supplement the study guides by surfing the Web for more information on particular topics.

If you do update it, rest assured that I will continue to use it as a resource to help interested people earn their licenses. Thank you for your amazing, easy to comprehend guides! That would be icing on the cake!

In January I started taking a General license class he was teaching, but due to schedules and illness I was not able to continue the weekly classes. Romanchik All rights reserved. Solely by using your No-Nonsense General I was able to pass that general no problem, a couple of months ago. It answered my questions and really helped a lot. Good luck with the General Class material.

So, while there are many changes, most of the questions remain unchanged. What terms were you using to search for the study guides? We recently held a One-Day Tech Class and gave each of the students a copy of your manual. Afterward, we will hopefully move toward breadboarding circuits.

Updates and Corrections

Your work is being used all over the nation. Do you have an extra guide? Your study guides seem to have garnered much praise. If not, what section would you like me to record first? Our local amateur club in Naples Florida was a great help and a great group.

My Extra Class study guide was just published, and covers the questions in the latest question pool. Tell the scouts to download the General Class Study Guide when they get started on that. Thank you for all your work on the Technician Study guide.

Took the exam last Saturday and it was a piece of cake. If you do contact him, tell him his grandson recommended it.

Is the Extra class guide coming anytime soon? Used your study guides and passed the Technician class exam in May and the Extra class in June. Passed the Technicians exam after using your study guide. That led me to print it out and take notes as I read through it. Not sure I could have done it without your guide.

They are updated every four years. Now I am ready and hope that you can do the Extra Study Guide please.

We were pretty discouraged with the layout of the manuel, the question layout etc. Dan, I am a technician who will be taking the extra class exam in a couple of months. So, next year, the Tech question pool will be updated and be the question pool. Thanx again from all my future students. Most of them will, at some point, want to know some of that stuff, but they can learn it when they need to, not when we think they need to.

Hey, welcome to ham radio, Bobby. What happened to hamradiouniversity. It was my husbands idea to get Ham radio licenses and As usual, he asked if I would study and test too. After spending a half hour with your guide, I passed the real test with no wrong answers. Do the tech part the first day, metal oxide pdf the station operation and rules the second day and the third day have a review and the test.

Dan, Thank you for the exams study guides. Thank you so much for making this study guide available. My yo son used it to study and today at Dayton, he passed the exam!