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Does it have to be Ghostscript, or would another tool be acceptable? It also uses page counts for reporting purposes. In simple cases, you just have to count them. Put the jar file in the directory you want to get the page count of all the pdfs in. Unfortunately, breaking dawn book pdf free there is no simple way of finding pages in a raw Postscript file.

It prints the odd pages first and then the even pages. How does mine then rate on your trueness scale? But, runpdfbegin uses setfileposition which isn't supported, apparently, by stdin or currentfile. Tried it on two test files. On Ubuntu, pdfinfo is contained in the package poppler-utils.

Just had a through what version of ghostscript are you using? Which version of ghostscript are you using?

How Can I determine the page count from a postscript file generated by Opera? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Double click on the jar, it may take some time if there is alot of pdfs, it will eventually output a txt file in the same directory of the jar file, and it will have the page count within it.

So, I'm back to setfileposition breaking runpdfbegin for anything like stdin or in-memory operation. Is there a link to the documents you are using? At best, I can add a switch option to my system to use this method as a last resort. This may work if the filename would scan through the files.

Faster and more reliable than gs from my experience. Postscript is a Turing-complete language.

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The command for issuing a page is showpage. This was with the code above copied and pasted into a script file. It will cycle through subfolders aswell, no need to place all the pdfs where the jar file is as it will cycle through the subfolders where you place the jar file. Yes, the only variable is in. It needs to know if there's an odd page count so it can eject the last odd page that doesn't have a corresponding even side.

Email Required, but never shown. Actually I figured out how to script what I need it to do with my original script, I'll update it above. How do we grade questions? Ghostscript needs to completely interpret and render the PostScript file without displaying it in order to reliably extract the page number info. Basically I couldn't specify stdin to file or runpddfbegin successfully.

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Can anyone suggest another way to get this information? It's just as much work as to completely display the file on screen.

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But this command can be embedded in the body of a function and then you need a Postscript parser. Select that, copy, paste into excel or opencalc, you got it. Its best to run the application from terminal java -jar to ensure it will work properly. Then add files and select the files you want. On Windows, you can use cygwin.