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These are the hallmarks of this eleventh edition of Economics. Parkin brings critical issues to the forefront. Parkin explores the ability of each method to achieve an efficient outcome.

Each chapter closes with a concise summary organized by major topics, lists of key terms with page references, and problems and applications. He builds on this model to show how perfect price discrimination, if it were possible, would grab the entire consumer surplus and convert it to producer surplus.

Does the minimum wage cause unemployment? The protest against capitalism and the Occupy Wall Street movement Do we need a law against price gouging? Features to Enhance Teaching and Learning Do your students understand current global issues and the big-picture implications? The work is protected by local and international copyright laws and is provided solely for the use of instructors in teaching their courses and assessing student learning. Michael Parkin selects news stories daily to bring economic concepts to life for students.

All end-of-chapter questions are available so students can make the most of their study time, and all in-text figures are animated with author narration within MyEconLab. One Place for All of Your Courses. Websites and online courses.

Visit MyEconLab for more information. We don't recognize your username or password. Pearson offers special pricing when you package your text with other student resources. Nonetheless, three topics have been substantially revised. Is Relevance an Issue for your Students?

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So the highpoints of the current revision are the new Economics in the News and At Issue features. This feature uses boxes within the chapter to address current events and economic occurrences that highlight and amplify the topics covered in the chapter. Parkin's diagrams show the action. ClassLive can be used with a group of students or one-on-one to share images or PowerPoint presentations, draw or write objects on a whiteboard, or send and received graphed or plotted equations. The following new communication tools can be used to foster collaboration, class participation, and group work.

Externalities What Nicholas Stern has called the greatest market failure and what some climate-change skeptics see as a problem that markets will eventually solve gets a thoroughly new treatment. Series This product is part of the following series.

He then uses a carefully constructed model of two separated markets to show how discrimination between them can increase producer surplus. Current issues organize each chapter. Is Obamacare the solution to U. In popular discussion, no distinction is made between the trend growth rate and the year-on-year growth rate associated with the phase of the cycle through which the economy is passing.

Is offshore outsourcing good or bad for America? At the end of each chapter, students use their new economic tools to evaluate a current news article and test their reasoning skills. Most topics are well explained in the previous edition and are hard to improve on. Price Discrimination The key idea we want our students to understand about price discrimination is that it converts consumer surplus into producer surplus and economic profit.

To strengthen this insight, Parkin now begins with a brief explanation of the relationship between producer surplus and economic profit. The goal of At Issue is to motivate the student to think about the opposing arguments and to take a stand on the issues.

Those topics are woven through the chapter to show the big-picture implications of the theory and the chapter culminates with a Reading Between the Lines feature. If you're interested in creating a cost-saving package for your students, contact your Pearson rep.

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With relevant advice geared toward beginners, students see how real people can make a difference in the discipline. End-of-Chapter Study Material. Should we be doing more to limit carbon emissions? Click on a series title to see the full list of products in the series.

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Michael Parkin, pdf in powerpoint umwandeln kostenlos online University of Western Ontario. Username Password Forgot your username or password? In-text Review Quizzes reinforce major concepts. He also explores the special challenge that arises from the global rather than national scope of carbon emission. ClassLive is an interactive chat tool that allows instructors and students to communicate in real time.

Balanced treatment of macroeconomics. It also helps them to work the related Economics in the News end-of-chapter problems and applications.

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