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The next section, Doodles, begins to teach you how to make amazing and fun doodles using simple elements such as lines, circles, waves, swirls, vines and flowers. The next section, Journaling, builds off the last section and helps gives you ideas to doodle journalling work. Without major effort, my eyes slide across the page and the words don't even make it into the brain. On those long calls where I don't have to say anything, I take notes.

Cheung is a scrapbook artist who believes that adding simple doodles gives paper projects a touch of personality. If I'm doing maths, though, I need near absolute quiet - especially if it's algebra and not geometry. So, doodlers of the world, untie!

They are also the people who tend to pace while studying, and doodle while on the phone or taking notes. Other materials remain the property of their authors and are subject to whatever licenses under which they choose to release them. In classes where I was doodling and then stopped, my grades dropped. Weird - I can go to a restaurant were there's tons of stuff going on and get just immersed in a book. In Lettering, she then teaches you how to use the alphabet as a doodling technique.

Ordered and then took out my book. They would rather sit, and hear even eyes closed. Conference calls are absolute awfulness for me - I listen and listen and listen - and never remember a thing. The positive side was that I had art to share, some of it, and decent grades.

Distracting the latent daydreams in my head by drawing on the back of my notebooks gave my rational, listening mind the ability to be rational and, well, listen. Learn simple techniques like making lines and squigglies to advanced flower and paisleys. Each section builds on one another and each one is color coded so you can reference the book easily. Cheung has written a fun, creative, how-to guide to creating original, hand drawn embellishments to your paper arts. Spinning would end up with him launching projectiles - definitely a no-no!

This fast paced and quirky book takes you on a crash course through the joys of doodling on paper. Even more rarely do we ever just practice the fine art of doodling around the entries with a basic pen.

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Suddenly, I became somehow aware that things had grown quiet. Part of the fun of owning a blank journal is the flexibility to use the blank page as a canvas for your ideas. They had this strange look in their faces as if I was from Mars. Mine were complete doodles, only a sentence here and there.

Though I do find that classical music or any music sans lyrics does help the concentration on some days. Some were laughing others deep in conversation. The book closes with Inspiration, which is a selection of layouts and creations that showcase all the techniques Cheung presents in this book. Navigation Latest images Recent posts.

The ideas within can be applied to all your creative projects. Active forum topics It's alive!

The book teaches you simple and complex ways to add some personalized art to your creative works. Mine are mostly geometric. Even to this day, notes from meetings are very liberally interspersed with doodles. Date - newest first Date - oldest first. It's pretty funny to go back and look at doodles made by such a verbally oriented person.

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Reading, or watching demonstrations works best for them. Expand your artistic abilities by applying these concepts to your own journals or scrapbook layouts as soon as you read about them. Give it a try - I'd be surprised if your attentiveness didn't increase. Personally, I'm an auditory learning, with a slight bent also towards the visual.

The book is broken up into six sections. Curious about the book but don't want to invest in it? But I do switch between red and black ink pens. The other thing that happens when I haven't had enough sleep is rambling.

For me, if it isn't written, it's extremely difficult to remember. She draws and paints, and does sculpture, and plays the piano, etc.

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He explained that for some, doodling can keep your scattered subconcious busy so that you are able to concentrate on what's really at hand. Doodling for Papercrafters is heavily illustrated which helps to show the diversity of doodles artists have implemented in their own works. Bottom line is that Doodling for Papercrafters is a fast, fun and practical introduction to doodling. Enter Doodling for Papercrafters, motor faults pdf by Maelynn Cheung. The teacher made me turn them anyway.

One of my undergrad profs noticed that while I doodled away in his class, and looked otherwise uninterested, I still was getting very good grades. Anyway, reading it again later to extract action items, for example adds more repetition of the words, reinforcing the memory. The first section, Introduction, gives you background information on what Cheung thinks doodling is, why bother learning how to doodle, and recommended tools. Also moved pretty quickly from cheap ballpoints to more well-made ones, and then to drafting pens this was years before I discovered fountain pens.

You can choose to write or draw on the pages, sometimes at the same time. Meanwhile everyone was talking all around. Doodling is more fun, but it doesn't help me remember. Most of the time, however, blank books go marked only with the printed word across the pages. Sometimes, rarely, do we ever think to decorate the pages with quick sketches of images our eyes have seen throughout the day.

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