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If an employee has access to the network, it is their responsibility to ensure they are working with the latest revision of a document. External Documents Hard copies of external documents such as international standards, customer documents are verified periodically as current revision from the issuer. The latest revisions of documents are maintained on the network and are available to the applicable employees. Official documents that are required to be baseline, will be reviewed and approved. Revising a Controlled Document Controlled documents may be temporarily amended by authorised personnel through a red-lining process.

The aim of this plan is to control the storage of documents, and important historical data and information. The types of documents that will be used are project plans, administration, presentations, analyses, working papers, contract management, communications, emails, and references.

Document Control Procedure Example


Documents shall be identified in the master document index indicating the document title and number, the revision of the document, date of receipt and document owner or location. The document will then be sent for review, where it will be measured against a set of standard guidelines for creating this type of document.

Control of a fewer number of documents is simpler and more efficient and reliable. At any time, an update may be needed to the document. First, pipes and cisterns problems with solutions pdf documents are originated by an issuing department.

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First, the documents approval procedure should be explained, before the documents are used in the organization. From procedures for taking on new staff to procedures for specific operations in a manufacturing company, each procedure is important. For example, for software engineering there may be fewer mechanical drawings but perhaps more process diagrams.

It must be easy to locate and it must be securely stored and unable to be edited except in a formalized document control process. Project staff is accountable for the creation and storage of documents, and for completion of document profiles.

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All updates must be clearly recorded in the appropriate location and it should be clear who made the change, the reason for it and the date and time it was done. Forms are controlled via their F number and revision status. The librarian has the main liability to ensure correct storage of documents in the library. The document control plan is necessary where the documents are extensively used, and a software system for the control, categorization, and maintenance is essentially required.

The essential purposes are the management of document repositories and historical data, and the maintenance of a methodical approach for the creation and updating of documents. Review of documents will be carried out before being released. The document control plan should be concise and manageable by the project system. Next, the process for updating and endorsing amendments should be specified in the documents, and the system for identification of changes being incorporated.

Some basic premises have to be followed. This applies particularly to departments that need to store documents related to the methods involved in their procedures. During the course of the creation of a document like this, it will pass through many different people who will all input their unique viewpoint into the process.

The regulations concerning retention of documents should be implemented, for which legal advice may be necessary. It may also include the author, owner, and the individual or group responsible for that document. Document control is of paramount importance in an engineering setting. They are used chiefly by that department, and other departments may have some input into the process. Brought to you by Techwalla.

The document control plan is basically a guide or an outline that explains the management procedure of documents, virtual or physical, during the project life cycle. Project establishments are lawfully responsible to the regulators, state, and clients for the maintenance of some specified documents. The control of documents will facilitate the project business procedures. The review and updating frequency is specified to ensure continuous improvement. The Librarian is responsible for the implementation of retention policies.

But the overall control should be taken by the issuing department. For instance, may be the document control plan is required to be updated when any document is updated. The Librarian will be responsible for the storage of the hard copy documents.

If this is the case, effective document control will capture any amendments, the reasons for doing so for example, a firmware update and the person who made the changes. This plan will be evaluated annually and updated as necessary, to ensure continuous improvement. This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

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This includes hand-written amendments which are initialled and dated by the authorised person. The project director will endorse the documents before being released. The plan establishes a methodology for the creation, updating, and arrangement of documents. This plan is established for ensuring proper documentation in a project, and identifies the individuals who will be allowed access.

Uncontrolled documents must be verified as current prior to use and are for informational purposes only. The document control plan may be formulated with a normal description, or alternatively in a tabular layout. He will periodically review the depository to ensure proper version control, naming of documents, and filing procedures.

Document Control Procedure Example

Prior to use, ensure this document is the most recent revision by checking the Master Document List. It is essential that some of the important areas should be included in the document control plans.

Depending on the type of engineering that is undertaken, the amount and style of control will vary considerably. The documents must be reviewed, and thus a team of reviewers must be set up who have the authority to review and have the subject-knowledge to make corrections and finally approve each stage.

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Change requests must be submitted to Document Control and the process owner for review and approval. These include official correspondence, samples, proposals, research material, and licenses.

Obsolete copies may also be retained on the network. Plans will be examined annually to ensure their correctness, and verify that they include the existing project objectives. Finally, the document will reach approval and be stored in a document repository where anyone who needs access to it will be able to view it. Next, a set of documents should be created by a team of writers.