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Thank you in anticipation for reading this. And so they see forgiveness and kindness as weaknesses to be feared and destroyed. Here is a challenge for you. News Chicago synagogue target of arson attacks.

Maybe he was upset that we Jews know how to speak and write English. It was not the Palestinian nation, State or leadership that refused the Partition.

Please show me any study that shows there were a million Arabs in the area. My own country did that - the United States versus the Native Americans.

Surely that will eventually put the entire world in on location. Latest and Developing News. In this way, militant Islam and Nazism are cored together. Anonymous, you only know to curse because you have to face the facts. Just because the Palestinians have lived through centuries of colonisation and have had no state of their own, that doesn't justify another colonisation.

That is perhaps the most ridiculous response I have heard yet. Made my day so I am going to wish you all a good day as well. If this were true I would probably be a pro Palestine supporter myself! You can't prove but you doubt my facts are accurate? Second the Hebron Massacre of Jews along with the Mufti teaming up with Hitler would give destroying witness to your ridiculous claim.

Our imperialist culture imposed upon the natural rights of their indigenous culture. First of all they weren't called Palestinians by anyone, they were called Arabs. You look at this figure and it makes you wander.


Zionism is the movement to return jews back to the Land of Israel so yes, it is a very Jewish movement. The Romans killed many Jews and sold many more in slavery. News Iran quadruples low-enriched uranium production.

Iran quadruples low-enriched uranium production

Cufi org pdf israel 101

In Jordan there is a majority of people who call themselves Palestinian and they are void of most civil rights there. The Middle East is much bigger than a country whose area is a small sq. In fact there is absoloutely no record of anything Arab that would hint to an Arab Palestine Government or State. Things could have ended there and we all could have lived happily ever after.

Hello Brucie, So nice to see you hear. Of course I am interested in hearing your opinions and thoughts. The idea that Jews dont belong in Judea and Samaria is mind boggling and a non starter for peace. This deceitful betrayal of the British Mandate towards the Jews faced absolutely no consequence. Depressing pieces of deeply misinformed rhetoric such as this don't contribute in any way to a meaningful dialogue.

Palestinian propaganda has lied to the world long enough. There had never been any other state except a Jewish one. Evidence of this can be found on a Palestinian coin from with both Arabic and Hebrew writing.

Cufi org pdf israel 101

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To infiltrate and destroy from within. Or that such a purchase justifies murder? Between when u sat in a land where no Jews to be seen. You guys keep murdering each other over there, and due to the art of misinformation, no one really seems to know the truth anymore.

Why modern Israel matters to the world? Education Israel is facing some of the most serious threats in her history. This is a map of the Armistice lines after the Arab invasion of Israel. Or because of the settlements?

There is not a single Islamic regime that has a positive Jewish population growth. Not on my blog at least, try Obama though I think he would buy into your garbage. If you have facts to contradict bring them, if you don't, you have just made yourself look really stupid. All Yonatan Blank wanted to do was sing but the judges decided to get into a political debate.

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Hebron Jew had his hand chopped off by an Arab axe. You should try it some time. Your statement about centuries old Palestinians is a perfect example of your biased and fabricated take on history.

It was about the refusal of Arabs to accept a Jewish State, anywhere and any size. Add us all together, descargar libros de superacion personal gratis en pdf and we are millions of Christians speaking with one loud voice.