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Do others sometimes seem to regard you as unreasonable? Individuals can identify their primary style, and assess the productiveness of that style in the various situations that they encounter. They look for the value in what others say and combine that with their own insights to find win-win solutions.

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Let me know if you are interested. It bisects the square from bottom left to upper right and it is time. The exploratory and tentative nature of some collaborative behavior may make it easy for others to disregard your overtures or take advantage of the trust and openness you display. One of the communities close to me was heavily impacted by the contraction of forestry several years ago, which was really the only economic player for the region.

This facilitated activity uses the Thomas Kilmann questionnaire to assess behaviour in conflict situations. It is based on a model of conflict modes, which enables an analysis of individual styles in particular situations. Hi Nick, I request you to send me questionnaire on causes, consequence, perception and management of conflict. To help you judge how appropriate your use of the five modes is for your situation, this section lists a number of uses for each mode. That is the construct of the model, b240 pdf but is only a foundation.

PDF) Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode InstrumentYour Certificate in the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument

It is also known as the Conflict Resolution Inventory. Both behaviours do cause conflict! The conflict behaviors you use are the result of both your personal predispositions and the requirements of the situations in which you find yourself. Do you recognize legitimate exceptions to the rules?

When compromising, the objective is to find an expedient, mutually acceptable solution that partially satisfies both parties. However, the questions below can help you determine if you are overusing or underusing accommodating in specific situations. After logging in you can close it and return to this page.

Compromising falls on a middle ground between competing and accommodating, giving up more than competing but less than accommodating. They may be sources of creativity and innovation. Appreciate if this could be emailed to me. They believe in the power of consensus and in sharing information and understandings.

The uses are based on lists generated by company presidents. Without this safety valve, you may have trouble gracefully getting out of mutually destructive arguments, power struggles, and so on.

Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument. Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument is a well respected conflict management strategy. Avoiding might take the form of diplomatically sidestepping an issue, postponing an issue until a better time, or simply withdrawing from a threatening situation. Decisions on important issues getting made by default. Do you sometimes find it difficult to make concessions?

The effectiveness of a given conflict-handling mode depends on the requirements of the specific situation and the skill with which you use that mode. Very interesting material, Nick, Cheers, Sunil. Resolving the Four Foundational Conflicts.

Thomas-Kilmann Instrument One Assessment per Person

See this page for the process and a free online sample. In contrast, the fact that you scored high on collaborating makes it unlikely that you are underusing this mode.

At the bottom of this page, you can add this online assessment to your shopping cart. This may hinder your effectiveness by restricting your influence. Do you sometimes have trouble taking a firm stand, even when you see the need? Then, of course, to understand the impact those patterns have on their success Thirdly, is to translate that understanding into behavioral choices that make a difference to them.


These look like very useful tools. By Kenneth Thomas and Nancy S. Put in my email twice and have not received it.

Session expired Please log in again. By referring to agendas I would be concerned that it would lead to debate over the use of agenda as opposed to the value of the tool. However, the questions below can help you determine if you are overusing or underusing competing in specific situations. Any other way to get them?

Does your collaborative behavior fail to elicit collaborative responses from others? Competing might mean standing up for your rights, defending a position you believe is correct, or simply trying to win. Accommodation on minor issues that are important to others is a gesture of goodwill. An emphasis on bargaining and trading may create a climate that undermines interpersonal trust and deflects attention from the merits of the issues.

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