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Batch Rename options Template Select the Use Template to rename files check box to create a renaming tab template. To skip this file, and leave both files intact, click Skip. Select the Template tab to specify the Template options. You can also use the Duplicate Finder to locate and manage identical files.

Acdsee PRO 2.5 User Manual

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Print Opens the Print dialog box. To move the category, drag it to the new location.

Photos remain tagged until you clear the checkmark from the checkbox. If you right-clicked a category in the Organize pane, the sub-category will be added below that category by default.

For more information about how your device communicates with your computer, please consult your device's Help file or manual. Creating categories You can use the Organize pane to create, rename, delete, and move your categories. The only way you can preserve database information related to the files or folders is to back up or export the database before you add them to a private folder. In the Organize pane you can also use the Easy-Select bar to select combinations of categories, ratings, auto categories, saved searches, an introduction to counselling john mcleod pdf and special items. You can save your import settings and give them a name so that you can re-use them later.

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After you have transferred those photos to your computer, you will want to review them and select the best photos. Private folders are secure folders where you can store confidential files.

Acdsee PRO User Manual. Page 4

Template Select the Use Template to rename files check box to create a renaming tab template. Right-click a category in the Organize pane, and then select New Category. Fit Image Reduces the image to fit within the Edit Mode area. With the category and rating systems, you can create a virtual folder structure, and use it to find related images and media files with a single click. Also, you can use the Organize pane to quickly locate and list all images on your hard drive, or to locate any files in a folder that have not been categorized.

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Acdsee PRO 2.5 User Manual

If you are creating a top-level category, select an icon from the Icon drop-down list. Automatically resolves any naming conflicts by adding an. To rename the new file before moving it into the destination folder, type a new name for the file in the Rename to field, and then click Rename.

Click the Finished Editing button on the toolbar. Navigator Displays a thumbnail preview of the current image. Keeping the histogram open is particularly useful when adjusting exposure, as the histogram reflects all adjustments as you make them. The tagging checkbox is at the bottom right corner of the thumbnails. Click and drag across the thumbnail to select an image area.

You can use the Organize pane to create, rename, delete, and move your categories. Right-click the folders or files and select Restore from Private Folder.

In the File List or Folders pane, select one or more files or folders. Click and drag the files onto the private folder icon in the Private Folder pane. So any files in the selected categories or searches will display in the File List.

Working in Edit Mode In Edit Mode, the right side of your screen displays the Edit Panel, which provides access to all of the editing tools and effects. Use caution when deleting folders or files in private folders.

The histogram preview shows the luminosity and red, green, and blue color channels of the photo. Select the folders or files and click File Restore from Private Folder. Storing files in private folders Private folders are secure folders where you can store confidential files. Match All - to be included, a file has to belong to all the categories or searches you select. Select the files you want to categorize.

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For more detailed information about using the Device Detector, click the Device Detector camera icon in the Taskbar Notification area and select Help. This icon only appears once a rating is set. If you select this option, any choices you make in this dialog box, are set permanently unless you later open the Device Detector from the Task bar and change the options. You can make fine adjustments to any of the sliders in Edit Mode by placing the cursor over the slider and moving the mouse wheel one click forward or back.

Restore Restores the original version of the file that Original was saved automatically the first time you. Click a name in the Edit Panel to open that tool and use it to edit your image. If you are working with larger image collections, you can use Selective Browsing to specify broad or narrow criteria for the images you want to display in the File List pane.

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Uncheck the Always show at start-up option in the bottom left corner of the dialog box. Paste the image into your other application. Click the links below Set Preferences to select which folder to open at start-up, choose a color scheme, and set reminders to backup your database. Select the Advanced Options tab to adjust the settings for the Batch Rename tool.

Match any it is more inclusive. To browse your imported photos, click Yes when the Import Complete dialog displays.

There is no way to recover files and folders from a private folder if you have forgotten your password. Pasting files and folders You can cut or copy files to the Clipboard, and then paste them into another folder without losing your database information. Click Edit Paste to place the files or folders into the new location. You can use the Search pane to search by file name, keywords, or image properties.